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Become depressive, Smoke one!

Since 1 January 2014, marijuana is legal in some states of America. The striking is that since that date, the rate of depression in the respective states increases. Funny that exactly marijuana is prescribed as a medicine against it. But that's a logical consequence of legalization. You can get it easier, much easier!
  Everyone thinks that it's now perfectly fine, after all it is legal. Total nonsense. I inquired more closely. So many people have gotten away from addiction and strongly advise against trying. Some are still in treatment for their mental disorders. You will be simply depressed if you don't satisfy this addiction, get suicidal thoughts and so on ... or you can go to the doctor and can prescribe this drug and get them also for free.
This shows that it's completely illogical to legalize cannabis. It will become a vicious circle, Which is for the benefits of the state. But not about the money is the state at heart, of course the citizens.
I'm looking forward to your opinions discussing marijuana in Germany, write your opinion in the comments.

Greetings Toni
6.10.14 21:20


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