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Colorado - Where The Prohibition Ends And The Fun Begins

In the sixties, people came to find gold. Today they come to smoke. I'm talking about cannabis, one of the most popular drugs on the market. Your probably know this situation, you are at a party and then you're asked by someone whether you want to smoke one. In most cases it's cannabis. Earlier still some said 'No!' ', because it was illicit, but today more and more people say ''yes'' to this drug and they just don't care about their health. So I will talk amplified in the following posts about this topic, because not only crystal meth or heroin is addictive and may be dangerous. People just have to learn it once and not constantly say that it was just for experimenting, we all know that it isn't usually the case.

Greetings Toni
6.10.14 20:08


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